Linsoni Inc., Contractors, Developers, Financiers, Real Estate,

A.D.A. and Insurance work.

290 NE 51 Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334

since 1978 - 954 772 1800


Consulting in all matters that can possibly happen on any size chunk of dirt  anywhere in the State of Florida.

State Certified General Contractor, Licensed Real Estate Broker, former Mortgage Company Owner, experienced in all matters of real estate politics, personal property rights, code matters, marketing, sales and research. Experienced in A.D.A. lawsuits, insurance claims, restoration and settlements.

Owner of Alldata Real Estate Systems, Inc.

Properties for Sale 

for info email Don Lampasone at

1. Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Exclusive Right of Sale listing;


500 E. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 33304

65,000 cars a day, mixed use property and business

net operating income $108,335., remodeled in 2010, including new hurricane windows and doors; new patio and decks, new stucco on entire structure.

new roof and A/C 2012. Further improvements in 2017.

Price $1,500,000. real estate only.

Contact Don Lampasone for more details and showing instructions.  

 we always cooperate 


2. Established Bar, Real Cash Cow, 65,000 cars a day location

(See picture above, 500 E. Sunrise) Monas Bar Only

Net Operating Income $215,257.

$350,000. includes 4cop license worth over $175,000.

Contact Don Lampasone for more details and showing instructions.

we always cooperate




Linsoni Inc., Importers/Distributors

"only the best got in"

Retired and closed March 31, 2013.

 We traveled the world, found excellent wines

                          from small producers and had fun.                                    

Don Lampasone, over 38 years experience in boutique wines, world wide

gourmet food experience.

Boutique wines usually are pure, grown without pesticides, more grapes in each bottle, and generally fussed over making them unique and absolutely wonderful. 

    Ask Don Lampasone F.K.I.A. to speak at your next event. 

954 772 1800 or email


Music and Wine Charity Events 

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Musical Wine Events-Do you like music?

Taste the music, hear the wine

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At charity wine events, Don pairs music of many types and styles and you have to decide if the wine tastes different, better, or worse with the music.  Have some fun, have a music wine event. 


Email Don at and send your favorite song to be considered at one of our next Musical Events.



Purveyors of artesian wines from small producers around the world.

"After surveying many wines, we take a few cases, let them rest after travel, share them with our Chef and Wine Head friends, then decide which wines to purchase.  Lots of time and care go into each and every selection. "

290 NE 51 Street, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33334; 954 772 1800

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